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                  在公司邁向國際化的進程中,赤峰黃金全體奮斗者應充分理解,此時此刻,我們若不持續奮力攀高,即會下墜,若不真心擁抱變革向前行,即是倒退。我們的每一步都需慎思卻堅定,我們將以充滿自信但謙遜的姿態整裝再出發,就如我們加納瓦薩礦的同事Boatemaa Hammond女士闡釋赤峰黃金工作精神時所言,“因為我們從來不愿成為不確定性變局的受害者,而永遠會采取主動,成為趨勢的主人”。



            Group President's New Year  Message

                  Greetings to all staff of Chifeng Gold: thank you for your productivity and hard work in 2022, once again we have set a new output record and stood on a higher level.

                  At this joyful moment of saying goodbye to the year passed and welcoming the new, we do not stop to take a break, instead, in the last week of the year we completed the internal competition for post as general manger of three China domestic mines, appointed new Group President and COO, and made adjustment to corporate department functions. The reason for such an urgency is because we are facing a 2023 full of uncertainties but critical to the comapany's international development. We must prepare ourselves to be able to face it with confidence.

                As the company transforms into a more International organizaiton, all of us at Chifeng Gold must fully understand that at this moment, if we do not continue climbing higher,  we will fall; if we do not truly embrace changes and move forward, we will regress. We must take our steps with caution but firmly. We will be reloaded and set off again to the journey with confidence and modesty.  As Ms. Boatemaa Hammond, our colleague at the Wassa mine in Ghana, described how she understands the working principal of Chifeng Gold awhile ago, " We would never be victims of uncertainty,  but always take the initiative and become the master of trends."

                In the coming new year, we again choose to walk on a very difficult path, but we look forward to all the challenges ahead of us. We know that this difficult path will eventually lead us to a glorious destination, and we are condident that we will overcome all the barriers. We will continue fufilling our value to benefit more people through the development of Chifeng Gold, and to reach the harvest of sweet outcome from our hard work and efforts.

                                                                                                                    Group President:Lydia Yang




                  2023年將帶來新的挑戰和艱辛,但通過赤峰黃金奮斗者的一貫勤奮態度和企業家精神,我有信心我們能夠實現目標,使2023年成為比2022年更好的一年。我們將為每個人創造一個光明的未來,我們將讓更多人因赤峰黃金的發 展而受益。


                                                                                                                              運營總監:Paul Harris

            COO's New Year  Message

                  As we look back at 2022 and look forward to 2023, we can all be proud of our efforts and contribution to Chifeng’s growth and success.  The Company has faced many challenges and difficulties.  The COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact our operations, and the global economic downturn put pressure on all areas of our business and caused genuine hardship for many families.

                As Chifeng continues to grow and become more internationalized, we must become a more efficient organization.  We will need to increase our efforts on increasing production and reducing costs at all our subsidiaries. We will need to increase our exploration efforts to discover more resources at existing mines.  And we will need to implement a new management operating system to better manage and control our operations and improve efficiency.

                 2023 will bring new challenges and hardships, but through the hardworking attitude and entrepreneurial spirit that defines Chifeng Gold workers, I am confident we can meet our targets and make 2023 a better year than 2022.  We will create a bright future for everyone, and we will benefit more people through the success of Chifeng Gold.

                   I wish everyone a safe, successful, and prosperous New Year in 2023.

                                                                                                                                   COO:Paul Harris